After School Clubs

Extending Children’s Love for Learning

Why After School Clubs Are So Important

With many children not getting the recommended levels of physical activity which carries real long term health consequences, we believe that after school clubs are solution that continues to educate children as well as improve their overall health and well-being. One Goal After School Clubs encourages children to keep active and stay safe at the end of the school day. Clubs can involve team building lessons, sports and physical activities as well as parent and child programmes which will provide an enriched after school curriculum.

Build Your Own After School Programme

With One Goal you can build your own After School Club programme to suit your school needs. Simply select the programmes that align best with your school needs and we will design and deliver a service that will extend children’s learning and enhance the overall offering of the school.

6 Habits University

The 6 Habits University programme is our most comprehensive, whole school approach to teaching The 6 Habits across all key stages in a powerful way. Children can take part in the programme over a 6 year period that will take them on a transformational growth journey making them masters of every Habit ...


One Goal PE

The One Goal PE programme is a school wide service open to EYFS through to KS2 and can support your primary school in creating an outstanding culture of PE and School Sport. But what makes the One Goal PE programme different to anything else on the market today is that it’s underpinned by our unique 6 Habits ...


One Goal Dance

The One Goal Dance programme will inspire your children to move and dance all whilst developing their character. Dance is great for helping children keep fit, have fun and express their creative side. The programme gives children a platform for self-expression benefiting their overall wellbeing, whilst also ...


The 6 Habits Mindset After School

Through developing The 6 Habits within every child, the One Goal After School programme aims to extend children’s learning:

6 Habits


Challenging children to have a positive mindset even when they experience failure.

6 Habits


Empowering children to show leadership skills and set a high standard.

6 Habits


Teaching children to have the courage and personal belief to play their best within Sport.

6 Habits


Encouraging children to give their best and be 100% focused on mastering their skills.

6 Habits


Inspiring children to play sport with energy and passion and show a thirst for learning.

6 Habits


Helping children learn how to work effectively as a team and be respectful and supportive towards others.

What Schools are Saying

One Goal have a friendly, do approach. They work collaboratively with school staff and aim for excellence in all aspects of theirs work.

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