One Goal Dance

Building Character Through Dance

Inspiring Children To Dance

The One Goal Dance programme will inspire your children to move and dance all whilst developing their character. Dance is great for helping children keep fit, have fun and express their creative side. The programme gives children a platform for self-expression benefiting their overall wellbeing, whilst also improving their coordination, strength and flexibility.

Dance Anytime of the Day

Our Dance programme is delivered by high quality professional dance tutors. Your school can use the One Goal Dance programme across the whole school as it can be integrated into any areas of the school day including breakfast club, PE, PPA, Lunchtime, After school clubs and even school staff classes.

Our Dance Programme has many benefits including:

  • Learn to dance Zumba, street, hip-hop, cheer leading and more…
  • All children from EYSF to KS2 can participate.
  • Full schemes of work and lesson plans provided.
  • Class teacher can also benefit from ‘Team Teaching’ support.
Dance Programme

Dance to the beat of the 6 Habits Mindset

The 6 Habits are everywhere which is why we teach them in Dance to reinforce the importance of personal attitudes and character.

6 Habits


Using the power of music and dance to maintain a positive state of mind.

6 Habits


Showing personal control of how we think, act, move and use our bodies.

6 Habits


Enabling children to have the self confidence to express themselves.

6 Habits


Showing the determination to practice until the moves and routines become natural.

6 Habits


Dancing and moving with freedom, energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

6 Habits


Encouraging others within the team and working as a unit to perfect a challenging routine.

What Schools are Saying

We have been really pleased with our dance tutor. She has a good relationship with the children, who look forward to and enjoy their dance lessons. It has been great to see how enthusiastically all our boys have taken part in the sessions, even some of our more reluctant Year 6 children!

Cathy Quinn, Headteacher

St John Boscos RC Primary

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