Lunchtime Support

Bringing Calm to Lunchtimes

Whole School Engagement Activities at Lunchtimes

We understand that many schools experience spikes in behaviour issues during lunchtime which can create problems on the playground and then affect lessons in the afternoon if issues are not resolved. We help bring a calmer and much more organised approach to lunchtimes by ensuring children are engaged and participate in positive activities like team sports, individual challenges or even by helping our tutors with the referring of games.

Targeted Lunchtime Mentoring Support

Lunchtimes can also be a challenging time of the day for individual children who may struggle to control their behaviour or even feel isolated and find making friendships difficult. One Goal tutors can also work with individuals and smaller targeted groups to support them in better engaging within activities and building friendships with other children. This can also involve tutors spending time with children in the dinner hall and supporting them back into class.

Our Lunchtime Support programme can help your school in many ways:

  • Children improve behaviour by being engaged in activities which also reinforce the 6 Habits.  
  • Children are more active and learn about how to keep healthy and prevent obesity.
  • An experienced One Goal tutor will also effectively model good organisation skills and behaviour management strategies which the school lunchtime organisers can learn from.

Helping children make better decisions at lunchtime

The 6 Habits reinforced and rewarded during lunchtimes helps children make better decisions:

6 Habits


Helping children maintain the right attitude towards themselves and others.

6 Habits


Empowering children to make the right choices and control their behavior.

6 Habits


Encouraging all children to have fun and try new things.

6 Habits


We challenge children to apply themselves 100% to the activities they take part in.

6 Habits


Providing a learning environment that keeps children engaged and learning.

6 Habits


Helping every child integrate and build friendships across the whole school.

What Schools are Saying

One Goal have helped our children grow & develop. All the class have brought things they have learnt in the One Goal sessions to the classroom which has improved their all round behaviour and skills

Lauren Georgiou, Primary Leader

Darnhill Study Centre

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