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The Primary PE and Sports Premium is Doubling from September 2017

It’s great news to see a promise made by DfE actually being kept lately: the Sports Premium fund is doubling from September! The Secretary of State Justine Greening announced it, together with a few other increases in schools funding in the next years. “As well as this additional investment through the national funding formula, I am …


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How To Select A Physical Education Provider – Checklist!

This time of year most primary schools review their current PE provision as well as other curriculum areas and start planning for the next academic year. With so many areas of the school to consider, a systematic approach to reviewing current provision and identifying what the school wants is essential. An area we can offer …


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How to Use Physical Activity to Reduce Stress Ahead of SATs

In our previous post, we looked at the evidence supporting the positive effects of incorporating physical activity, PE and games into SATs preparation for year 6 students. Regular bouts of moderate to vigorous exercise spread over the school day can reduce stress and boost learning. In this post, we take a look at the best …


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Using Physical Activity to Reduce Stress Ahead of SATs

It’s official, exercise is good for you… Medical experts and fitness professionals have long since proven the benefits of regular exercise in terms of health and well-being, but, there is now a growing body of psychological research backing up the link between physical activity and learning. In this post, we look at the evidence supporting …


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How To Make Children Attend PE And After School Clubs – Heald Place Primary School

When One Goal started the full-time Above and Beyond roll at Heald Place Primary School, the school didn’t have much of a PE ethos. This was down to teachers not having enough time to deliver PE. When I started in the school there were a lot of changes to be made – from delivering PE to …


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Jumping the Invisible Hurdles: Teaching PE to SEN Children

Joe White, assistant headteacher at a special school in Broadstairs explains the hurdles of teaching PE to SEN children, and how to overcome the difficulties.    Some hurdles you can jump, you can see them, some are higher than others but generally the strategies and skills needed to complete the race are straightforward. Now for …


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Physical Education: Smarter, Happier, Healthier Children

We live in an age where humans are able to combine research and technology to develop amazing things every day: from virtual reality headsets to hover-board scooters, to cures for new diseases. This greater-than-ever-before ability to measure, shape and re-create the world around us has made our modern lives more efficient—and more sedentary. Our lives, …


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Seven Ways to Get School Children More Active

With pressure to cover a wealth of academic material in the classroom, and meet the various social and emotional challenges that arise, physical activity can feel like just one more thing you don’t have time for. Conversely, physical activity has been shown to promote strong academic, social, and emotional health. So, what to do? Find …


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How to Motivate Your Child to Exercise More

Do you more often than not find your child playing with the tablet, phone or computer? Would they rather play games or watch television than go outside and run around like we used to when we were kids? This is a common problem for parents these days. In the information age, technology rules, and what …


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Physical Education – Why Children Need It!

No parent can argue against the tremendous benefits of physical education among primary school children. It impacts positively on both their learning and physical activity patterns. In fact, research has shown the importance of physical movements in educating their minds and bodies. A healthy active child is prone to being more motivated with his academics …