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When We First Meet Schools

FAQs When We First Meet Schools

We’ve been meeting a lot of schools lately – thank you for having us! – and almost everywhere we go, we receive the same questions. Schools no matter how big or small, have the same concerns – they all want the best for their pupils. Therefore, below we answered the most frequently asked questions we receive when we first meet a school and hope this post will clarify others too:

  1. How much will cost my school to work with One Goal?
    This is probably the most frequent question we receive, and it’s important that you know we are flexible regarding costs. Each school is different, and we have the experience to understand each one’s specific problems and opportunities. Our prices are from as little as £144 per day.
  2. How many schools do you work in?
    Since 2010 we have worked in over 225 schools and currently we support 40+ primary schools on an ongoing basis.
  3. How many people work at One Goal? How many coaches do you have?
    We are very proud of our team. We have 12 children coaches, 3 managers (including Adam Eccleston, One Goal Director) and 2 sales staff.
  4. Why are One Goal different? Why should we work with you, and not other provider?the 6 habits
    Each programme we deliver includes the 6 Habits Mindset which is our 6 step system for building character and improving a children’s overall health and well-being. We teach children about Attitude, Behaviour, Courage, Determination, Enthusiasm and Friendship. From Breakfast Clubs to PE, all programmes includes the 6 Habits Mindset, and all children become more confident and resilient by the end of the year.
  5. How does the programme work?
    We operate on a full day model: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (with the possibility to start at 8 a.m. and finish at 5-6 in the afternoon). A One Goal coach will be in your school for a full day, and it will give you the opportunity to have more children working with him.
    Why did we chose this model? After offering half-day for several years, the benefits were obvious for full-day: smaller cost/session for schools, more children taking advantage of the coach there and we can make an even bigger impact in each school.
  6. What areas do you work in?
    We cover Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and we recently started to work in Runcorn too.
  7. How can schools fund One Goal programmes?
    Schools can use the Sports Premium and Pupil Premium funds to fund our programmes as well as any other funding they receive to further support and improve the children’s behaviour, life skills and academic attainment.
  8. What qualifications do your staff have?
    All our coaches and tutors are minimum level 2 qualified, and are DBS checked. The majority of staff hold a further education degree and have all gained a lot of experience working with children in primary schools.
  9. How do you assure the quality of the programmes in school?
    Firstly our recruitment and training is extremely challenging and comprehensive with us only accepting the very best people to work for One Goal. We then regularly monitor the quality of work by frequently visiting and staying in contact with schools. On average each member of staff will receive at least an extra 45hrs of training and CPD each year.


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