How To Select A Physical Education Provider

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How To Select A Physical Education Provider – Checklist!

This time of year most primary schools review their current PE provision as well as other curriculum areas and start planning for the next academic year. With so many areas of the school to consider, a systematic approach to reviewing current provision and identifying what the school wants is essential. An area we can offer sound advice is in helping schools review their Physical Education and school sport provision.

Here we present 12 important points to consider and to make it easy for you we’ve also created a one-page evaluation checklist with everything you must watch out for when comparing services and choosing the best PE provider for the children and the school. In fact I think you’ll find the checklist applicable to other areas of the school when considering to work with external partners

  1.  The Provider should have a minimum of £10m insurance
    A reliable partner has to prove it can support its business by holding sufficient insurance. Verify this upfront and consider it as main evaluation criteria.
  2. All coaches are minimum level 2 qualified
    The PE provider’s coaches need to be properly qualified, at least level 2, so you can rest assure that they are able to work with the children unsupervised.
  3. All coaches have up to date DBS
    Whilst this is an obvious point, the school should confirm the DBS checks are also carried out at least every 2 years.
  4. The provider can also train/mentor my staff
    A PE provider should care for your school and work with your staff to improve their PE skills too. Working with an external provider is an opportunity to learn, both for children and school teachers. At the end of the year, everyone should be more confident and willing to do more PE.
  5. The provider is able to work from Early Years to KS2?
    We meet a lot of schools who have provision in place for KS1 and 2 but often children from early years are missing out. That’s a shame given that children who learn to be physically literate from an early age will have a better chance of continuing to develop in later schools years.
  6. They can offer a variety of sports inc. Gymnastics and Dance
    Children should have the opportunity to experience many sports. All Physical Education providers will certainly offer mainstream sports like football etc but not all providers will be qualified to teach other essential activities such as gymnastic and dance.
  7. Providers should offers full access to their lesson plans and teaching activities
    A Physical Education provider’s transparency, sharing the PE resources with the school staff is a great opportunity. First, because you can see exactly what children are doing within their PE class, and secondly, because school staff can view and perhaps use them too!
  8. Providers should have sufficient back-up cover for all coaches
    Again, you must be sure that the PE provider is reliable and they have a successful track record. An important point to check is if the provider has back-up cover for all coaches. 
  9. A robust monitoring process is in place to ensure service quality
    The service quality should be a main priority for all Physical Education providers, and you should verify by asking exactly how they do it. A good PE provider has already implemented a procedure for monitoring it’s coaches and mentors and can give you an answer on the spot.
  10. The Physical Education provider is flexible to accommodate the school needs
    As mentioned, the school’s needs come first, and we at One Goal always have this in mind when talking to a new or existing school. Yes, every PE provider has a schedule, a programme, but all in all, if it can’t adapt to the children and the school, you just can’t work together.6 habits
  11. The Physical Education provider is willing to offer a free trial session
    Seeing is believing, and after being sold a great PE programme, it’s good to ask if the provider offers a free trial session as well. Ask for this especially if you have 2-3 providers on the shortlist. Once you select a good PE provider, it’s likely that you will work together many years – so it’s important so don’t rush your decision!One Goal children
  12. ThePhysical Education provider offers a money back guarantee
    Yet another reassurance for you – money back guarantee is a strong quality promise from any provider that you look for. When evaluating PE providers, do look for this trust statement on your future partner’s brochure, and make it an evaluation criteria. One Goal offer a full 30 day money back guarantee to show our commitment and confidence in the quality of our service.

All the above criteria are available for download in a simple, one page checklist document here: School checklist for selecting a PE provider.

Perhaps you also have other selection criteria? You can customize our list by easily editing with your own, and do leave a comment below too.  And if you think other schools might find the evaluation criteria useful why not send it onto them?

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