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Using Physical Activity to Reduce Stress Ahead of SATs

It’s official, exercise is good for you… Medical experts and fitness professionals have long since proven the benefits of regular exercise in terms of health and well-being, but, there is now a growing body of psychological research backing up the link between physical activity and learning. In this post, we look at the evidence supporting …


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North-West Primary Schools Invited To Apply For £30,000 Funding Support For Pupils

We’re pleased to invite primary schools across the North West to apply for a share of £30,000 in grant funding to help boost their pupils’ resilience, self-esteem and character development. From 2005, One Goal has supported over 50,000 pupils in the North West. Currently we provide support to 45 primary schools in the area through a …


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The 6 Habits in Action at the Forest Crew

In November, One Goal’s Children’s Coach Ben Rowe presented the Forest Crew team at the regional Catalyst Conference in Manchester. They all traveled to Gorton Monastery and showed how much children, parents, and staff love the Forest Crew character education sessions delivered by Ben at Board Oak. The demonstration included various activities from the lessons, showing how The …


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Happy New Year to all our friends!

May you learn more, find meaning and stay focused on the big objectives you want to accomplish. We’d love to read them in the comments. Happy New Year 2017!


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How To Make Children Attend PE And After School Clubs – Heald Place Primary School

When One Goal started the full-time Above and Beyond roll at Heald Place Primary School, the school didn’t have much of a PE ethos. This was down to teachers not having enough time to deliver PE. When I started in the school there were a lot of changes to be made – from delivering PE to …


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Working with St Peter’s Farnworth Primary School

I am a really active person who is always looking for ways to improve, whilst competing in football at professional level in the past I look to excel in everything I do. My coaching with One Goal is no different. I am teaching our 6 habits programme at St Peter’s Farnworth Primary school, and I …


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Delivering The 6 Habits Programme At Broad Oak Primary School

Over the year I have spent at Broad Oak Primary School, my main focus has been delivering The 6 Habits programme, physical education (PE) and Forest Crew throughout the school. When I first went into the school, they were looking at ways to make the school stand out within what is a very competitive catchment …


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Jumping the Invisible Hurdles: Teaching PE to SEN Children

Joe White, assistant headteacher at a special school in Broadstairs explains the hurdles of teaching PE to SEN children, and how to overcome the difficulties.    Some hurdles you can jump, you can see them, some are higher than others but generally the strategies and skills needed to complete the race are straightforward. Now for …


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A Bespoke Approach to Supporting Broad Oak Primary School (Case Study)

Background Broad Oak Primary School based in the East Didsbury area of Manchester has been using One Goal’s “Above and Beyond” service since September 2015. The school provides co-educational learning to nearly 500 children aged 4-11, with One Goal children’s coach, Ben Rowe, working with Broad Oak pupils in a full-time capacity during school term …


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Character Education: The Key To A Better School, Community and Nation

  What’s Happening With People Nowadays? Look around you. Today, in the various fields that directly or indirectly affect our lives (politics, the print media, motion pictures, government, TV, workplace, community and even the internet, etc.) you would see preponderant manifestations of irresponsibility, thoughtlessness, disrespect, insensitivity, cruelty and other character flaws in people. It is …