One Goal Story

How it all started

One Goal is an organisation that is deeply shaped by its history. In 2005, Adam Eccleston and Anne Marie Robinson, the co-founders of One Goal, experienced an epiphany that set them on the important journey of inspiring children who were in desperate need of positive role models.

Where did this epiphany appear from? As a teenager growing up in the inner city suburbs of Manchester, Adam saw the people he cared about taking the wrong path in life at an early age. Some were involved in crime, some were involved in drugs, and many were simply living without direction, completely rootless and lacking any foresight into what their futures could hold for them.
Adam recognised that his peers did not have the capacity to find the right paths for themselves because they lacked positive role models in their lives. Without inspiring people to nurture their mental, physical, and emotional competence, his friends were left bereft of goals and ambitions, and with no motivation to achieve greatness.

But Adam envisioned a different path for himself and was determined to overcome the obstacles of his environment. It was a deep passion for sport that helped Adam to focus his own life and avoid the dangerous path of his peers, and it was that same passion that sparked the vision for One Goal in 2005, almost ten years ago.

It was in 2005 that the humble ambition to inspire children and provide them with direction was put into practice. Starting as a volunteer organisation that worked hand in hand with children outside of school hours, it soon became apparent that One Goal’s programmes were making real differences in the lives of children who needed it the most. From working with tens of children, through to hundreds, and now thousands, it is only a matter of time until One Goal succeeds in its mission to inspire 1 million children.

Throughout almost ten years of exemplary educational practice, the core ethos of One Goal has not changed. What has changed is the scale on which we can inspire children, with 400 hours of One Goal programmes delivered each week in schools across the north-west, whether in breakfast clubs, sports leadership programmes, or 6 habits life coaching sessions.

One Goal now has the great pleasure of employing highly skilled coaches, some of whom started out within One Goal programmes ten years ago, recruiting them to join the One Goal mission and giving them a platform to affect real change in the lives of thousands of children. Each and every day, we ensure that the children participating in One Goal programmes can look up to their One Goal coaches as positive role models so that they have the self-determination, aspirations, confidence, and sense of responsibility that were so sorely lacking in Adam’s teenage peers.

As we continue to work diligently to improve our service, we invite you to join the One Goal mission, no matter if you are a child, a parent, or an educator. We invite you to join the One Goal mission in order to inspire children, to provide them with positive role models, and to give them the tools they need to achieve all their grandest dreams.

Join the One Goal Mission today.