One Goal Story

How it all started

One Goal was founded by Adam Eccleston who as a teenager growing up in the inner city suburbs of Manchester, Adam saw firsthand what happened to many people he cared for who took the wrong path in life. Some got involved in crime, and others drugs; and many were living without direction, rootless and lacking aspirations for their future.

Adam set out to overcome the obstacles of his environment and had the passion and determination to inspire youngsters and provide them with mentorship and direction. He began his community based venture running projects back in 2005 that engaged children and young people at the evenings and weekends and it soon became apparent that this programme was making a real difference in the lives of the children who needed it the most.

Now, over a decade later, One Goal has expanded to work with over 60,000 children within more than 300 primary schools – with a bold mission to inspire over 1 million children!

Our story
Schools supported
Reached children
Mission to inspire


  • 1We provide a unique approach to improving wellbeing through our Be a Star and 6 Habits Mindset Frameworks.
  • 2We deliver a reliable service, with over 15,000 hours of wellbeing programmes delivered in 2016-17 and a production rate of 99.5%.
  • 3All our services are delivered by a specialist wellbeing mentor who is supported by a team of experienced professionals to ensure a high level of quality and impact for the school.