The 6 Habits Mindset

6 Steps To Building Resilience and Helping Children Succeed

With so many children growing up in the UK today facing challenging life conditions, many risk never reaching their full potential. Just some of these problems include more than 1 in 4 children classed as living in poverty and over 700,000 children now suffer from mental health issues.


At One Goal we believe that no matter where children live or what they go through, with the right support they can still reach their full potential. That’s why we created an engaging yet simple step by step system that will build their resilience, shape their thinking and empower them with the tools and resources to succeed in today’s world.


Introducing The 6 Habits Mindset, which is our unique trademarked methodology for building children’s resilience, shaping their character and improving their overall health and wellbeing.

the 6 habits

We Teach The 6 Habits Mindset To Every Child

6 Habits


Challenging children to think differently and have a positive mindset.

6 Habits


Empowering children to be leaders and take 100% responsibility for their actions.

6 Habits


Teaching children to take risks and to do what is right even in the face of fear.

6 Habits


Encouraging children to be fully committed and focused on achieving their goals.

6 Habits


Inspiring children to approach their life and learning with passion and curiosity.

6 Habits


Helping children learn the social and team skills to cultivate caring and supportive relationships.

The 6 Habits at Broad Oak Primary

“The impact that One Goal has had is palpable. Children use the 6 Habits language to reflect on and resolve their own issues and the needs of our most vulnerable children are better met. I’m looking forward to seeing the children continue to learn how their attitude and behaviour can influence their school work and how they are perceived by other people”.

Kevin Corteen


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