Join Our Mission and Inspire the Children

The One Goal team are a complete embodiment of all the One Goal mission and values. We work with passion and commitment, to transform the lives of children, inspiring them with every activity, game, workshop, or exercise. They are experts at creating safe and fun learning environments where children feel comfortable enough to be themselves and to participate fully.

We provide continued advanced training to ensure that every person working for One Goal delivers quality programmes that not only engage children, but that inspire them to be better people. Each member of the team is experienced at delivering dynamic programmes, and as they work with One Goal, they only continue to build on their repertoire of skills.

Many of our team members have worked with us for years, starting out as interns and developing fruitful careers as One Goal Advanced Coaches, or progressing into more senior positions within the company.

Adam Eccleston

One Goal Director and Founder

About Me:I love what do, my role at One Goal is a mission and never a job! I enjoy exercise, watching Man City and love learning. I've always got a few books on the go on business, personal growth and inspirational biographies. I'm also blessed to have a great family, wonderful wife and 2 beautiful girls who inspire me each day!

My One Goal Mission:

Having started working with children from my neighborhood more than a decade ago, my passion and motivation for inspiring them to achieve their dreams is as strong as ever. I'm committed to growing and driving the company forward to achieving our dream of inspiring 1 million children!

Ryan Baron

Head of Operations and Services

About Me: I have now worked with One Goal for 5 years, helping hundreds of schools across Greater Manchester and Lancashire. I am very ambitious and enthusiastic about the changes we can make to children's lives and always looking to improve the work we deliver in schools on a daily basis.

My One Goal Mission:

To engage more schools and help inspire more children to have One Goal for a Brighter Future. Helping children be the best they can be whatever they choose to do in life and help improve schools through a range of different programmes.

Ben Lowndes

School Services Team leader

About Me: I am a huge Manchester City fan following them all over the world. My role at One Goal involves me supporting coaches where needed and helping them bring in new ideas and ways of thinking to their sessions!

My One Goal Mission:

To inspire hundreds of children through the year from across a range of backgrounds using 6 habits and positive, productive PE lessons and sharing my knowledge and ideas to other One Goal coaches to inspire them as well.

Andrew Dooley

One Goal Wellbeing Mentor

About Me: I am an enthusiastic individual and i’ve been working in a primary school environment since the age of 16, delivering sport and PE lessons. I have a huge passion for football and coaching football which has taken me all over the world coaching the sport I love.

My One Goal Mission:

To inspire and develop as many children as possible to help them achieve their goal using a variety of different ways to aid their development for the future.

Tom Stuttard

One Goal Sports Coach

About Me: I’m a laid back, easy going person who is passionate about sport, coaching and helping others. I really enjoy my job very and find it very rewarding to help children progress in any areas.

My One Goal Mission:

To provide the best coaching service I can deliver to the schools I’m working in, so that it gives the children the best opportunity to have a brighter future and inspire them to do whatever it is they wish to do. I incorporate this by continuously learning and growing as a person and as a coach, providing a WOW service, and having a positive attitude, which is hopefully transferred to the children.

Paul Kennedy

One Goal Sports Coach

About Me: I'm an experienced sports coach who loves to inspire children and set alight there love of sport.

My One Goal Mission:

To inspire all the children that I coach and use the 6 habits in all my lessons.

Mark Innes

One Goal Sports Coach

About Me: UEFA B qualified football coach from Scotland, used to play professional football. I am highly positive, ambitious, driven and enthusiastic.

My One Goal Mission:

I want to inspire as many children as possible to participate in sport and to live active healthy lifestyles.

Nathan Fisher

One Goal Sports Coach

About Me: I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person who has a love for sports coaching. I enjoy the day to day challenges of working with and educating children within schools. I am a very lucky person because the job I do is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

My One Goal Mission:

To inspire as many children as possible and help them become great human beings. I want all children to enjoy being in my lessons and to see me as a positive role model.

Ben Rowe

One Goal Sports Coach

About Me: I am very lucky that my job is what I enjoy doing, helping and educating children. The challenges and rewards everyday is what makes what I do so good.
I am a very lucky husband, and even luckier dad to my little girl.

My One Goal Mission:

To try and help every child I teach or coach become a little better at something, whether it be at a sport or helping them on their way to become better people in the future.

Finn O’Leary

One Goal Wellbeing Mentor

About Me: I am a highly motivated coach with a passion for working with children in sport. Always looking to learn and improve my ability as a coach in order to make more of a difference to the people I work with!

My One Goal Mission:

To not only deliver high quality, educational sports sessions in school, but also to develop character and build the 6 Habits mindset within every group I work with. To provide an opportunity to develop important life skills to children through sport!

Helen Yates

Dance and Wellbeing Coach

About Me: I love all things Dance and Music so a frequent theatre and gig goer. I started Dancing at school and haven't stopped since, studying Dance at college and then at University and found over the years that it is such an important part of life and puts a smile on everyone's face!

My One Goal Mission:

To Encourage anyone to jump up, have a go and have fun whilst doing it! I also aim to help the children grow as individuals.

Luke Almond

Health and Wellbeing Coach

About Me: I’m a massive Preston North End fan and an avid follower of all different sports such as Tennis, Rugby, Athletics, Snooker and Golf etc. My role involves making a difference to children from all different backgrounds to help them improve both as students and people.

My One Goal Mission:

To help the company reach their mission of inspiring 1 million children whilst making a positive difference to the children’s lives.